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Welcome to the Maths page!

Here you will find information about Maths at Queenswell and useful links for parents, carers and children to help practise and challenge maths skills at home!


At The Queenswell Federation, we want all children to enjoy Maths and experience success in this subject. We believe that all children can achieve in Mathematics and aim to develop a growth mindset in our children so that they are not afraid to take risks and understand the value of making mistakes. Our aim is to develop enthusiastic, competent and articulate mathematicians, who are fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, able to solve problems and reason mathematically. 


Through the teaching of Maths, we intend to develop in our children: 

  • A love of mathematics 
  • The ability to think logically and work systematically in order to solve problems
  • The ability to make connections across the areas of Maths and other subjects
  • Number sense, through the modelling of different methods and using different representations to deepen children’s understanding
  • The ability to work both independently and in cooperation with others
  • Their mathematical vocabulary, so that pupils are able to reason confidently
  • A growth mindset - so that children are able to recognise and understand the value of mistakes and have a can- do, risk-taking attitude to their learning in Maths
  • A secure, long term, deep and adaptable understanding of Maths, that they are able to apply in different contexts

For children

Here are some useful links to practise your Maths at home.

For parents

Want to help your child with Maths at home?

Here are some fantastic websites which have articles, as well as fun activities and practical ideas about how you can support your child with Maths at home and deepen their understanding of number and mathematical concepts.


Calculation Policy

Want to find out more about how your child is taught the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?

Take a look at our calculation policy to see the progression in calculation skills across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and how we are using concrete resources and pictures to help children have a deeper understanding of these concepts.