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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

The staff working in this year group to support your child's learning are: Mr Williams, Miss Poncia,    Ms Sivakanthan, Ms Smithers, Ms Businaro and Ms Salih 

Homework & Routines


Your child will have 2 PE lessons during the week so please ensure that they come to school wearing their PE kit on these days.  They are not to bring their PE kit bag to school due to restrictions within the school.  Their kit should include; dark shorts/jogging bottoms, a white polo t-shirt, their Queenswell sweatshirt and trainers NOT plimsolls.  


Wednesday        –         Outdoor PE

Thursday            –         Swimming 


 Homework will be set each Friday and is due to be handed in on the following Wednesday.  Homework is given out in class but is also uploaded on to the website. The weekly homework will include; Maths, English, Reading and Phonics and challenge homework on the holidays.


Children are also expected to read for 20 minutes every day with an adult.  They will be sent home with a guided reading book and a book they have chosen from the book corner.

Please send your child to school with one pencil case including; writing pencils, ruler, felt tips, a Pritt stick and a green pen.  Additionally, please send your child to school with a water bottle and a coat in the winter.  In the summer please make sure they have a hat and sunscreen.

Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey this half term is all about the Seaside!   The children will be reading Flotsam and What a Waste 






This half term, the children will be taking on the challenge of writing use descriptive language while we look at the book Flotsam, when we move on to What a Waste the children will be writing non-chronological reports and instruction writing.  Additionally, the children will be continuing their learning around nouns, verbs and adjectives.  They will also continue to explore expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjuctions.


This half term the children will be continuing their revision of phase 5 phonics. We will be revising and learning the new sounds from Little Wandle



Year 2 will be learning all about units of measurement including how we measure time, length and height, mass, capacity and temperature. Why not explore how you might measure different things around the house and why we do this? We will also explore statistics by exploring and interpreting tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. We will also find out about position and direction - something you can explore when out and about while reading maps or sat navs. Why not explore which compass direction your house or flat faces?





During Summer 1, the children will continue learning about plants. They will be looking at the different parts of a plant and it's function, then they will learn how flowering plants reproduce.  We will sequence the different stages in a plant's life and they look at what seeds need to germinate.



Religious Education

In the summer term, in RE, year 2 will be exploring what symbols religions use and why. This will include the symbol of the cross in Christianity and its significance with Jesus and the cross. We will explore the Star of David in Judaism and the star and crescent in Islam and how you can find religious symbols on holy texts and in sacred places. We will explore the patterns created in Islamic art which often include holy symbols such as stars






This half term, year 2 will look at the history of the Seaside and why it is now a popular place to go. 





This half term the children will look at locational and place knowledge, they will be continuing with working on their maps skills recapping on compass directions. They will then go on to look at maps of the area around the school.





During the summer term, Year 2 children will complete their final portrait of the year as well exploring art to do with our seaside topic. We will use watercolours to create the sky and water in seaside pictures and also explore still life by drawing and painting objects such as shells in a variety of media including pencil and pastel. Art skills that will be developed will include looking at how we mix different colours through exploring the colourful work of Kandinsky. We will explore patterns and the interesting work of Bridget Riley that appears to move on the page and how these illusions are created! 



Design & Technology

In DT, the children will use a shoebox to create their own 3D seaside scene. 




In Spring 2, we will continue to explore the ‘Zones of Regulation’ - encouraging the children to think about what zone that they are in and explore and use the strategies taught to calm down and to get themselves in a more positive frame of mind if they find themselves sad, worried or angry. Children will also continue to learn about money and role play buying things and making change.


During the summer term, Year 2 will be practicing a variety of outdoor athletics and other competitive activities. Children will practice running skills through races, relay races and mini hurdle activities. Strength and aiming are encouraged with javelin and other throwing activities. The children will get to practice these skills further by taking part in mini sports day style activities as well as competing in the actual sports day this term! All Year 2 children will continue to develop their confidence with swimming at our local pool.



In Spring 2, Year 2 will continue to learn simple greetings in Spanish and learn the numbers to 20. This will include asking ‘How are you?’, ‘What is you name?’ and ‘How old are you?’ in Spanish and knowing how to respond in Spanish. We will continue learning fun songs too.



This half term children will be been learning about rhythmic variations, notes used in the C major scale and the octave. Children will be able to play and sing the eight notes of the octave and C major scale whilst changing the pitch from each note. Children will also be identifying the notes being used from the C major scale and recreate the short melody being played. Children will be able to create and compose short melodic patterns using colour coding and pitch movement. 


Coding Level 2 Different sorts of inputs

This half term the children will be introduced to Discovery Education Coding and they will begin to learn different inputs can be used to make objects move and disappear.  They will learn that objects can be programmed to perform actions when a key is pressed, using a key press event, e.g. moving around the screen or stopping.

Online safety

Our online safety focus this half term will be learning to use the internet purposefully to answer specific questions and to begin to understand that not everything online is true.