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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


The staff working in this year group to support your child's learning are: Miss Evans, Mr Holloway, Miss Cawe, Mrs Habib and Mr Theo.

Homework & Routines


Spelling homework will be set each FRIDAY on Google Classroom and is due to be handed in by the following WEDNESDAY at the latest. In addition to this, children must be accessing and using TT Rockstars regularly and are also expected to read for 10 minutes each day, preferably with an adult. Occasionally, your child will be set some reading homework in preparation for writing book reviews.


PE - Wednesday-Your child will have 1 outdoor PE lesson during the week so please ensure that they come to school wearing their PE kit on a WEDNESDAY. Their kit should include; dark shorts/jogging bottoms, a white polo t-shirt, their Queenswell sweatshirt and trainers NOT plimsolls

Swimming - Thursday 

On the day that your child is swimming, please send them to school in their school uniform with their swimming kit bag.





Our Learning Journey

This half term, our Learning Journey is Rainforests.  This theme will run through many of our lessons including English, Geography and Art.  We will find out where rainforests are located in the world. We will learn what a rainforest is; climate, inhabitants and environmental impacts.




We will be writing non chronological reports about different aspects of rainforests, focusing mainly on the Amazon. In addition, we will be looking at the dangers and issues faced by the rainforest and its inhabitants and composing persuasive letters encouraging people to protect this environment.  We will also be creating poetry using figurative language to describe the sights and sounds of the rainforest. Towards the end of the learning journey we will look at stories from other cultures and indigenous peoples.  In our Guided Reading sessions, we will be using a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to develop skills in decoding new or unfamiliar vocabulary, inference and deduction to answer questions, making predictions and summarising texts.


During this half term, our unit will be focusing on multiplication and division, where children will learn to multiply and divide by ten and one hundred.  The unit will also cover the three, six, seven and nine times tables.




During this half term, we will be learning about States of Matter and The Water Cycle. Children will learn how to compare and group materials together,  according to whether they are solids, liquids  or gases.  Children will be able to recognise that some materials change state  when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at  which this 

happens in degrees Celsius. We will be identifying the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associating the rate of evaporation with temperature.




Religious Education

This half term, we will be learning about how sacred texts influence the way people live and what religions believe about right or wrong. We will be learning about how to treat others and what constitutes a good life.


We will be learning the changes that have taken place over time in rainforests across the world and what this means for the world now and in the future.


We will be learning where in the world rainforest can be found. We will be looking at the geographical criteria of a rainforest including climate and the lives it supports. We will learn about the importance of the Amazon river in supporting life and compare it to other rivers of the world including the Thames river in London.


In our art lessons, we will be looking at art inspired by the rainforest. Children will learn how to adapt colours and shade in order to represent the rich array of colours found in the rainforest. We will learn about the life and work of Henri Rousseau and in particular, his painting ‘Tiger in a tropical storm’.

Design & Technology

As part of our Rainforest learning journey, we will be designing and creating our own rainforests in a shoebox, considering scale and proportion. Children will also take part in some baking lessons making rainforest inspired biscuits.


During this half term, we will be continuing to work on the Zones of Regulation, in order to better understand our feelings and those of the people around us, as well as how to regulate our emotions and behaviour.  In addition to this, we will be taking part in regular Circle Time activities, aiding our speaking and listening skills.  We will also be learning about staying healthy and safe through decision making and the effects of smoking.



As part of our PE this half term, we will be going swimming every Thursday, where we will be taught by professional instructors.  In our other weekly PE sessions, we will be learning and improving our football skills.  We will be focusing on attacking, defending and improving our tactical awareness.




This half term children will be identifying movement in pitch. They will be playing and following notes and using melodic patterns to play endings of a variety songs. Using this knowledge they will be creating and composing alternate endings to various pieces. Children will be able to understand movemnt of basic pieces and clearly pinpoint where pitch changes. They will also be able to change the notes and key of a piece to adapt a piece in their own musical style. 


Photo Editing

In this unit, pupils will develop their understanding of how digital images can be changed and edited, and how they can then be resaved and reused. They will consider the impact that editing images can have.

Online safety

Our online safety focus this half term will be Safer Internet Day which takes place on Tuesday 8th February. Computing lessons that week will cover the SID theme which covers two things: having fun online, like playing games or watching TV shows, and how to behave with other people online.



Online safety