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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


The staff working in this year group to support your child's learning are: Ms Alam, Mr Byrne & Miss Oxland

Homework & Routines

Spelling homework will be posted on Google classroom on WEDNESDAY and is expected to be completed by the following TUESDAY. Your child will have 2 PE lessons during the week so please ensure that thecome to school wearing their PE kit on Mondays and Wednesdays (Monday and Tuesday 5SA) They are not to bring their PE kit bag to school due to restrictions within the school. Their kit should include; dark short/jogging bottoms, a white polo t-shirt, their Queenswell sweatshirt and trainers NOT plimsolls.

Our Learning Journey


This term Year 5 will be learning about the ancient Mayan civilisation. We will find out who the ancient Maya were, how they lived and what they did. 






In our English lessons this half term, we will be using our knowledge of Mayan civilisation to write travel guides and diary entries. We will study the features of each of these text types and write our own. 


This half term in Maths Year 5 will be covering the following topics, following the White Rose Scheme of learning:


Measurement: Perimeter and Area

During this topic, children will learn how to calculate the perimeter and area of rectangles and rectilinear shapes.


Multiplication and Division 

The children will be learning the formal written methods for multiplication and division. They will revise short multiplication from Year 4 and learn how to use long multiplication to multiply 2 two digit numbers. They will also be introduced to the short division (bus stop) method, and learn how to solve calculations with remainders. 



In this unit, children will build on their previous knowledge of fractions from Year 3 and 4, learning how to find equivalent fractions, convert fractions to mixed numbers, compare and order fractions, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers and find fractions of quantities and amounts. 




This term we will be learning about Animals Including Humans! We will be exploring the circulatory system, including the function of the hear. Children will also learn about the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on our bodies. 

Religious Education

This half term, Year 5 will be learning about ‘Inspirational People ' in our RE lessons. We will discuss what it means to be inspirational and people who have inspired others and ourselves.  


In History we will be learning about Mayan civilisation and why the Maya were so important. The children will learn about what life was like during these times and how it differed for rich and poor people. They will learn about the religious beliefs and rituals and the reasons the Mayan empire came to an end. 



In Geography, the children will be locating Central America on a map of the world, labelling the countries and identifying the location of the Ancient Maya civilisation. They will also be exploring the type of land the Maya lived on and the reasons why the Mayan empire became so powerful.


In Art this half term we will be making Mayan masks, murals and glyphs using a variety of different materials. 

Design & Technology

This half term we will be cooking Mayan inspired recipes to support our Learning Journey. 




Year 5 will be developing skills in gymnastics: to perform actions, shapes and balances clearly, consistently and fluently, with good body tension and accurately repeat longer sequences with more difficult actions having an emphasis on extension, clear body shape and changes in direction. In hockey we will be leaning about the differences between attacking skills and defending skills, and thinking like an attacker and a defender during the game along with teamwork-building skills.


In Spanish we will be learning the vocabulary associated with the weather. The children will be able to say what the weather is like and learn about the climate in Spain.


This half term children will be learning about the 12 Bar Blues structure. They will use a rage of rhythmic and melodic variations to practice, play and perform different versions of the 12 Bar Blues structure. Children will be exploring and listening to a range of Blues music from the early 1800's to present day. They will be comparing and contrasting different pieces and identifying similarities and differences. They will also use various blues techniques to create their 12 Bar Blues piece; including prior knowledge of pentatonic scales and melodies. 


Sharing Information

This half term pupils will develop their understanding of computer systems and how information is transferred between systems and devices. Pupils will consider small-scale systems as well as large-scale systems. They will explain the input, output, and process aspects of a variety of different real-world systems.

Online safety

Our online safety focus this half term will be Safer Internet Day which takes place on Tuesday 8th February. Computing lessons that week will cover the SID theme which covers two things: having fun online, like playing games or watching TV shows, and how to behave with other people online.