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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


The staff working in this year group to support your child's learning are: Ms Bauhadoor, Mr Byrne, Miss Oxland, Mr Cole, Ms Lucas, Mrs Fidan, Mrs Chidiac and Miss Lacey.

Homework & Routines

Spelling homework will be posted on Google classroom on WEDNESDAY and is expected to be completed by the following Monday. Your child will have 2 PE lessons during the week so please ensure that thecome to school wearing their PE kit on Mondays and Wednesdays (Monday and Tuesday 5MB) They are not to bring their PE kit bag to school due to restrictions within the school. Their kit should include; dark short/jogging bottoms, a white polo t-shirt, their Queenswell sweatshirt and trainers NOT plimsolls.

Our Learning Journey


This half term we will continue our learning journey of  'Floodlands' based on the book by Marcus Sedgwick. During this topic, children will be learning about global issues such climate change and how it might affect our future. 






In our English lessons this half term, we will be reading Marcus Sedgwick's novel 'Floodland' and using this as inspiration for our writing. We will be exploring the text through different drama activities and writing diary entries, letters, poetry and reports based on the text. 


This half term in Maths Year 5 will be covering the following topics, following the White Rose Scheme of learning:

Properties of Shape

In this topic, children will learn about angles: the different types of angles, comparing angles, measuring angles using a protractor and calculating angles on a straight line and around a point. The children will also learn about the different types of triangles and quadrilaterals and their properties. 


Position and direction 

Children will continue to develop their geometry skills by learning how to translate and reflect 2D shapes. They will also be able to identify lines of symmetry in shapes and patterns.  


Converting units 

Children will learn how to use and convert units of measurement for length, capacity and time. They will also learn how to calculate time intervals and use timetables presented in different ways. 


Measurement and volume

In this topic, children will learn how to measure, compare and estimate volume and capacity.


Our topic this half term will be forces. During this topic, children will learn about the different forces of gravity, air resistance, friction and water resistance. They will also learn how simple mechanisms, like pulleys and gears work using forces. 

Religious Education

Our topic in RE this half term is 'Beliefs in Action', which will teach children how Christians, Jews and Humanists lead their lives, based on the teachings of their religions. We will be visiting a local place of worship. 


In Geography, we will developing our locational and place knowledge by using atlas, digital maps and globes to locate the countries of Africa. We will learn how to use 4 figure grid references and be able to locate and talk about the Equator and tropics and compare the climates of two different areas. 


In Art this half term we will practising different sketching techniques, exploring line, tone, texture and patterns. 

We will also learn about an artist and compare and experiment with their working style. 

Design & Technology

In design and technology we will be using natural resources to design, make and evaluate our own rafts. 


In our PSHE lessons this half term we will be continuing our work on the zones of regulation and how to manage our feelings and emotions in different situations.  In this half term we will also be covering our SRE unit.


Year 5 will be developing skills in gymnastics: to adapt sequences with a partner or in a small group, focusing on matching and mirroring shapes positions. In tennis, we will be leaning how to direct the ball accurately, thinking about feet and body positioning. 


 In Year 5 we will be talking about daily lives and language around hobbies and pets.


This half term children will be learning about two bar rhythmic variation. They will use prior knowledge of triad chord progressions to encorperate them into two bar rhythms. They will be using various musical techniques such as: accented notes, triad chords, broken triads and intervals. They will be using these skills to encoperate chord progression with two bar rhythmic variations to enhace their knowledge of chords, chord changes and two bar variations.


Women in British Computing & Coding

This half term pupils will continue to learn about the achievements of women in British computing within the social context of the time. They will also continue to develop their coding skills by learning how computers can generate random numbers and how these can be used in simulations.

Online Safety

Be Internet Alert: Check it’s for Real. This unit helps pupils develop skills to learn that online content isn't always honest or reliable. Children will work on how to stay safe online by spotting clues that something may be misleading.