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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


The staff working in this year group to support your child's learning are: 

Ms Hughes, Ms Sheehan, Ms Verta, Ms McVie, Miss Lacey, Mrs Marlow and Ms Habert

Homework & Routines

Homework will be set and given out on Wednesday and returned on Tuesday. The weekly homework will include: spellings, maths, SPaG, TT rockstars and challenge homework. Children are also expected to read for 20 minutes each day, preferably with an adult.


Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE Kit on the day of their two PE lessons.


6AV - Monday and Friday

6JS - Thursday and Friday

6VH -Thursday and Friday



This half term,  we will be focusing The Windrush using the books, The Windrush and Coming to England.  These stories convey the migration of people from The Commonwealth to England and lives after they arrived.


We will use this text to write diary entries, where we will use emotive language to show feelings about these events. We will also be researching factual events in order to write our own newspaper reports. This half term we will also be writing a balanced arguement as to whether people should of boarded Empire Windrush. As well as this, we will also be using figurative language to write poems in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah and other poets from the time. 


For SpaG, we will be revising types of pronouns and determiners as well as leaning how to use simple, compound and complex sentences. We will also be identifying how to use colons and semi colons to extend our sentences.







This half term, we will be recapping; the four operations, word problems, fractions, percentages and a range of mental strategies.  We will also move on to simplifying fractions, adding/subtracting fractions, fractions and decimal equivalents and ratio and proportion.  This will be achieved through, mental arithmetic tests, using various apparatus and pictorial representations.




In Science this half term, children will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties.

They will also understand and test materials that will dissolve in liquids that will form a solution, and thus use all prior knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated through sieving and filtering. Understanding the need to investigate different soils and their properties.


Life cycle of rocks, Investigating and understandings of rock types such as:








Religious Education

This half term, we will learning about life after death in the 6 main religions. We will looking at cereminies that happen for birth, becoming an adult, marriage and other important points in life. We will be comparing these ceremonies for similarities and differences. WE will also be looking at the journey of our life.



This half term, we will be learning about The Windrush where we will learn about the events after WW2 which led to the migration of people from the Caribbean. We will follow their journey, looking at historical stories and diary entries. We will also be taking part in a workshop and completing role play activities.



This term we will be learning about the epic journey made by ‘The Empire Windrush in 1948’ from the Caribbean to Tilbury docks.

Our learning objectives for this unit will be:


  • To use appropriate enquiry skills to locate the Caribbean Countries 
  • Developing place knowledge of the Caribbean 
  • Understand the links between Britain and parts of the Caribbean 
  • Making connections, contrasting and drawing conclusions


This unit will tie in with Geography and an awareness of understanding and naming and locating several islands in the Caribbean.

We will also be exploring that many people of Caribbean descent are of African origin. 


We will also demonstrate understanding of and know the links between the islands, Britain and other European countries.We will also be researching the life of  African Caribbean people who were present in Britain before the 1940s. Children will be able to name and talk about the experiences and contributions made by black people in Britain before 1948. We will be able to use evidence and to understand the legacy of the Windrush. Most importantly how have the events from the Windrush period affected this country today.





During Art lessons this half term , we will cover skills such as watercolour washes, blending with oil pastels, collages and charcoal drawings. We will also be analysing picture to convey their meaning.


Design & Technology

This half term, we will be desgning our own boats in the style of Windrush. We will identifying materials which will be appropriate e.g light and waterproof. We will then be testing our successful our design are and evaluating them.



This half term, we will be learning about the zones of regulations and becoming familiar with our emotions. We will be learning about how to distinguish between big and small problems and focusing on how to deal with these issues. We will also be learning how to understand our self worth and building on our self esteem.



In indoor PE this half term, the children will exploring dance. They will explore dance and movement ideas imaginatively, including actions, dynamics, space and relationship, perform with clarity and sensitivity to an accompaniment (e.g. percussion, rap), communicating a dance idea and identifying what types of exercise is need to help improve in dance.


In outdoor PE the children will be learning how to play tag rugby.  They will use a variety of tactics to keep possession of a ball, (e.g changing speed and direction) and to move to a scoring position, organising teams to think of ideas to be more successful and recognise and describe the best points in an individual’s and a team’s performance.




In Spanish this term, the children will be continuing to write about themselves, including; their name, how old they are, their favourite colour and where they live.  In addition, they will be using question words and conjunctions to extend their sentences and they will be learning some facts about Spain, the city of Barcelona and the Spanish architect Gaudi.




This half term, children have been studying the French composer Eric Satie. They have been looking in depth at Satie's Gnossienne #3. Using this piece, pupils have identified notes used in the scales of this piece. They have also been learning accidental notes (sharps (#) and flats (b)), naturals and chrommatics. Children have been using their previous study and knowledge of octaves and triad chords to help them create a melodic piece in the style of Eric Satie's Gnossienne #3. 



Higher Level Presentation Skills using Google Slides

In this unit pupils will use Google Slides, the web-based presentation software program from Google’s office suite. They will revise how to set the theme and learn how to add a transparent background image. They will revise adding transitions and animations. They will also learn additional formatting skills. They will learn how to hyperlink their slides to make their Google Slides non linear.

Online safety

Our online safety focus this half term will be Safer Internet Day which takes place on Tuesday 8th February. Computing lessons that week will cover the SID theme which covers two things: having fun online, like playing games or watching TV shows, and how to behave with other people online.