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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


The staff working in this year group to support your child's learning are: 

Ms Hughes, Ms Sheehan, Ms Verta, Ms McVie, Miss Lacey, Mrs Marlow and Ms Habert

Homework & Routines

Homework will be set and given out on Wednesday and returned on Tuesday. The weekly homework will include: spellings, maths, SPaG, TT rockstars and challenge homework. Children are also expected to read for 20 minutes each day, preferably with an adult.


Preparing for Secondary School

During this term, we will be preparing the children to transition to secondary school. We will be having transitioning workshops, which will prepare the children to travel to school, build relationships and settle into a new routine.




This half term,  we will be continuing to focus on writing skills including; writing a narrative using dialogue, writing stories using suspense and action, combined with adventurous vocabulary, writing playscripts, covering stories and films linking to different cultures. We will also be writing leaver's speeches to use in our end of year assembly, newspaper reports and a balanced argument about whether the SATs should take place.








This half term, we will be consolidating previous objectives from KS2 in order to secure the childrens knowledge of topics for secondary school.




During this term, we will consolidating the children’s Science knowledge to ensure they are ready to meet their age related expectations for secondary school.  After the SATs, the children will be working in groups and carrying out practical experiments as well as thinking about fair testing.




Religious Education

This half term, we will be consolidation our knowledge of the 6 main religions. We will be preparing a presentation of the different beliefs, routines and practises.



We will be looking at the notion of migration and having to flee your home-land due to war through the story of The Journey by Francessca Sanna which is based on a family of refugees.  The children will be looking in depth at poverty, democracy, natural disasters, population and civil rights.




This half term, we will be learning about export and import. We will looking at fair trade and the british trading market and comparing it to another country. We will also be learning about air miles and the effect it has on our environment and learn how to reduce our carbon footprint.





In Art the children will be studying a range of artistic techniques and styles.  This will be achieved through; screen printing, sketching, paint work, exploring the outdoors and using outdoor resources and cooking.



Design & Technology

This half term, we will be cooking as our main DT skill. We will also be identifying materials which we deem appropriate for junk modelling, demonstrating our awareness of recyclable materials because we are an environmentally friendly school.

We will then be testing  designs and evaluating them.



This half term, we will be learning about relationships. We will be learning about how to build healthy relationships, solving conflicts and preparing to transition to Secondary School. We will be visiting Canada Villa to develop her understanding of travelling independently. The children will also take part in SRE lessons this half term.



In indoor PE, the children will be focusing their learning Gymnastics (counter balance and counter tension).  This will be achieved through planned variations and contrasts in actions and speed in their sequences, to know how to improve health and fitness through gymnastics and how this helps with other sports and determine judging criteria for a gymnastic performance with a team of judges and use those criteria to feedback on the performances of others.


In outdoor PE, the children will be learning about striking and fielding.  They will achieve this by familiarising themselves with and use the rules set out, keep games going without disputes helping others to respond appropriately to decisions, choose and use batting or throwing skills to make the game hard for opponents, describe what is successful in a team’s performance and act as a motivational and knowledgeable coach to improve a performance.






In Spanish this term, the children will be continuing to write about themselves, including; their name, how old they are, their favourite colour and where they live.  In addition, they will be using question words and conjunctions to extend their sentences and they will be learning some facts about Spain, the city of Barcelona and the Spanish architect Gaudi.




This half term, children have been studying the German composer Johann Pachelbel. They have been looking in depth at 'Cannon in D major'. Using this piece, pupils have identified notes and chords used in this piece. They have also been using their prior knowledge of (sharps (#) and flats (b)), naturals and chrommatics when playing their pieces. Children have been using their previous study and knowledge of octaves, triad chords and broken triads to help create an adaptaion of the popular Pachelbel's Canon in D major.  


WWII Computing Code Creaking & Coding

This half term pupils will continue to learn about the history of WWII computer code breaking including the role of Alan Turing. They will also continue to develop their coding skills by learning about the basics of HTML.

Online Safety

Be Internet Alert: Check it’s for Real. This unit helps pupils develop skills to learn that online content isn't always honest or reliable. Children will work on how to stay safe online by spotting clues that something may be misleading.