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Welcome to the Music page!

Use the music page to keep up with all the latest music events, home learning and music lessons. (See pages 196 & 197 on the national curriculum page for more information about the music curriculum.)

Year 2 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Resources


Song list & YouTube links

1) Prologue

2) Jacob & sons/Joseph's Coat

3) Poor poor Joseph

4) One more angel in heaven

5) Close every door to me

6) Go go go Joseph

7) Poor poor Pharaoh

8) Song of the king

9) The Brothers come to Egypt

10) Benjamin Calypso

11) Jacob in Egypt

12) Any dream will do

Choir music festival 2024 resources


Password: Sunrise


Practice RED SCHOOL parts.

Music Revision

Here are some fun and educational music resources and games to keep those marvellous musical minds working. Click the links below to access the music learning and educational websites. Have fun with music making and sing a long activities. Enjoy !!


Music games


Fun music revision 


Digital music making


Singing warm ups and singing activities - Password - BlueSky 20 (case sensitive)


Music making educational activities & YouTube channels

Self learning instrument apps

Mr L's songwriting challenge

Write a catchy and memorable song for Queenswell Junior School. 


1) Make sure your song is appropriate for children your age and parents/carers.

2) No copying lyrics from famous songs. 

3) Your lyrics must be original. 

4) Your lyrics must have a minimum of 2 verses and 2 choruses.

5)Your song must not be longer than 3 minutes. 


Click the link below for some top tips on songwriting.


Song theme ideas

- Anti bullying       - Staying positive                - Changes                       - A place that is special to you

- Friendship          -  Family                                - Next steps                    - Favourite hobbies

- Kindness            -  Happiness                         - Home                            - Holidays

- Empathy             - Favourite subjects            - Something you love    - World (how to make the world a better place)

- School days       - A dream or goal in life      - Pets                               - Peace (peace, love & music)


Good luck !!

Instrument lessons

Interested in learning to play a musical instrument? Here are some options how to get you started.



B.E.A.T (Barnet Educational Arts Trusrt) offer a wide range of instrument lessons which take place during school time. 

10 lessons per term at 15 minutes each lesson. Sign up letters are available at the main school office.

*B.E.A.T are now offering online tuition due to the current circumstances. Please click link for further details. 


Please note there must be a demand for the instrument lesson. 

See website for more information.



The Sound Garden music shop based in High Barnet high road. The Sound Garden have a range of experienced and friendly teachers who teach from complete beginners to more experienced and expert players. Lessons can be used for exam purposes and or pleasure. 


Current instrument lessons available: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Singing, Recorder, Trumpet and Theory.

See website for more information



Al Pascal Music is a local music company set up by Alex Paschali (Mr Lysandrou's past guitar teacher). Al Pascal music have a wide range of experienced and highly trained music teachers that will make music lessons fun and ensure students reach their goals. Teachers are mobile and can cater to make sure the lessons are convenient for you. Lessons range form beginners through to professional musicians.


Instrument lessons available: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Singing/Vocal coaching and Music workshops. 

See website for more information


Contact Details


The Queenswell Sound Garden discount code

Queenswell Junior School have now opened a very special and unique account for Queenswell students, teachers and parents/carers. If you are looking to buy a new instrument,  various musical equipment in store, you can now get up to 10-15% off on your purchase (depending on mark up prices). Use discount code: MR.L in store. 


The Sound Garden Music Shop

36 - 38 High Street